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What’s On Your Baby’s Plate?

As a registered dietitian, I’m constantly thinking about how the food we eat impacts our health and the health of our children. A child’s first foods can heavily influence their growth and development, as well as their food preferences later in life.

Oct 02, 2017

Everyday Nutrition

Avocados for Mom & Baby Nutrition

As children grow and develop during their first two years of life, their flavor preferences are heavily influenced both by breastfeeding and the first foods that are introduced into their diets. Fresh avocados appear to be one of the most ideal first foods available. In addition to being nutrient dense, avocados’ neutral flavor and smooth, creamy consistency makes them an ideal first food for babies.

Sep 29, 2017

Everyday Nutrition

Avocados: They’re Not Just For Guacamole Anymore!

Creamy, ripe avocados are my favorite way to top a salad–and I wouldn’t want to live in a world without guacamole! But since joining the Avocado Goodness Community, I’ve realized that I hadn’t been giving this super-versatile fruit its due.

May 22, 2017