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Educational Materials

Healthy Beginnings

What’s Inside: This guide is designed to help you best counsel your patients using the latest nutrition recommendations for prenatal and infant/toddler health and to give them the confidence and knowledge to make healthier food choices for mom and baby.

Educational Materials

Avocado consumption and risk factors for heart disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis

What’s Inside: Investigated the relationship between avocado intake and cardiovascular health: a meta-analysis. Published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


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The Good Fats Workbook

What’s Inside: A health professional’s guide to improving consumer confidence in dietary fat.

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Avocado 101

What’s Inside: A guide on fresh avocado selection, ripening, prepping, storing and a few nutritional facts about healthy avocados

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A Healthy Approach to Dietary Fats: Understanding the Science and Taking Action to Reduce Consumer Confusion

What’s Inside: A significant body of research supports the unique health benefits of dietary patterns and foods that contain plant and marine sources of unsaturated fats. Nutrition Journal 2017

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Avocado consumption increases macular pigment density in older adults: a randomized controlled trial

What’s Inside: Investigated whether consuming one fresh avocado per day could improve cognition and macular pigment density. A randomized controlled trial on 40 healthy adults, 50+ years of age.

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The Role of Avocados in Complementary & Transitional Feeding

What’s Inside: A new publication, The Role of Avocados in Complementary and Transitional Feeding, funded by the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) and published in Nutrients,1 reports that the avocado, with its smooth texture, neutral flavor and nutrient-rich profile, appears to be one of the most ideal fruits—and possibly foods—for complementary and transitional feeding.

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Avocados: Big Benefits Early On

What’s Inside: What Should Baby’s First Food Be? Spoiler. It’s an Avocado. Avocados are a sugar-free healthy choice that contribute good fats to a toddler’s diet.

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Retail Dietitian’s Heart-Healthy Toolkit

What’s Inside: Ideas to help you promote healthy eating with avocados twelve months of the year, including: Social Media Posts, Recipes, Announcements and Research.