How to Add Avocados to Sandwiches

Spread, layer or mix fresh avocados into your favorite sandwich recipes.

From avocado sandwich wraps to the classic BLAT (Bacon Lettuce Avocado & Tomato) Sandwich, fresh avocados add flavor and fun to any sandwich.

Five Easy Ways to Use Avocados in Sandwich Recipes

  1. Guacamole or plain mashed avocados make one tasty spread alternative for turkey, chicken or roast beef sandwiches or wraps. They also add an extra creaminess to vegetarian sandwiches.
  2. Go beyond a BLT – make a BLAT, adding avocado to the classic BLT sandwich adds a whole other layer of flavor.
  3. Want to cut some of the fat in tuna, egg, seafood or chicken salad and still keep the creamy taste? Try using avocados in place of some other spreads; they make the salad “greener” while still maintaining the moist and delicious flavor.
  4. Add the wonderful nutrients in avocados to your favorite breakfast sandwich. Eggs and avocados make a great combo and you’ll get the benefits of both ingredients.
  5. Your open faced sandwich never looked more appetizing than with a layer of sliced and fanned out avocado on top.

how to add avocados to sandwiches

The best sandwiches are made with fresh avocados.

Find ways to add them to your favorite sandwich or savor some of our avocado sandwich recipes.